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How Motorcycle Stereotypes Can Affect Your Accident Case

There are many negative stereotypes about motorcycle riders.

Many people may look at riders as:

  • Inherently¬†reckless or dangerous
  • And having little regard for others on the road

After a crash, insurance companies, police officers, and jurors often assume riders are at least partially to blame. They may believe the rider was speeding or acting recklessly. Below, learn more about motorcycle bias and how it could impact a compensation claim.

Have you been injured in a motorcycle crash? The motorcycle accident lawyers from Gritton and Gritton PLLC in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, may be able to help you pursue compensation for your damages. We also understand motorcycle bias and are prepared for it.

Defining Motorcycle Bias

Motorcycle bias is not an official term; it is a phrase used to describe various biases people may hold against motorcycle riders. These negative stereotypes are not just wrong; they could make it more difficult for riders to recover compensation after a crash. While compensation is essential for any crash victim, motorcycle riders often suffer severe injuries in crashes.

There are many examples of motorcycle bias. Some people may assume motorcyclists bear some amount of fault for a crash, even if the facts say otherwise. This could be based on what they have heard about motorcyclists or assumptions they have made based on seeing a few motorcycle riders driving recklessly.

The belief that riders may be at fault could be because some people do not like motorcyclists. They may think most riders are in gangs or have some criminal history. This could be based on personal experience that they are using to stereotype all riders.

Unfortunately, even the police are not immune to motorcycle bias. When they arrive at the scene of a crash, they may assume a rider is to blame. Insurance companies often display bias against motorcycle riders. Although to be fair, they are always looking for ways to deny or devalue claims, whether the crash involved a car or motorcycle.

How to Overcome Motorcycle Bias

You should strongly consider hiring experienced legal representation after a crash. Securing maximum compensation can be very difficult without the help of a licensed attorney, particularly when you factor in motorcycle bias.

It would help if you had a solid case to overcome these stereotypes. Facts and evidence can make it very difficult to dispute fault for a crash or the severity of a motorcycle rider’s injuries.

While your past driving history should have no bearing on whether your claim is successful, a clean driving record can go a long way toward disputing the idea you are a reckless rider. Your attorney could also review the driving history of the at-fault driver for a pattern of irresponsible behavior.

Many people buy a helmet camera so that you can use the footage to help validate your claim if you are ever in a crash. If you do not wear a helmet, you should consider wearing one, as it is the responsible thing to do and dramatically reduces your risk of head trauma in a crash.

Wearing a helmet also eliminates the possibility of the insurance company claiming you are only injured because you did not wear a helmet. In most states, the law requires that you wear a helmet.

It is also essential to seek treatment right away and watch what you say to the insurance company. They may already be biased against you, so you want to avoid saying something they can use. Even if you are partially at fault, this is an issue to review with your attorney.

They can determine if you may have played a role in the crash and work to try to ensure you are not assigned more fault than you deserve for the crash. You are not required to accept the first settlement offer the insurance company makes. Despite what they may tell you, there is no risk in talking to a lawyer.

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